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WLP is now releasing comics in PDF format- buy, download, and enjoy!

After ordering (and once your age statement is on file), a link to download this file will be emailed to you within 48 hours (more likely less than 24). This link will only be good for 48 hours before it is changed, so don't let it sit idle!

Not Ninja High School Version 2.0 Digital Collection
The first of WLP's officially licensed Not Ninja High School stories comes to digital format! Includes all FIVE covers from the printed version! What happens when an ordinary American ninja teen gets four hot super-powerful women on his case? Hell if we know- we just show what happens when some hot comic book parodies get it on! 37 PAGES!

SPECIAL BONUS! The first few customers to order this digital collection will also get mailed to them one of the limited-edition individual chapters of Not Ninja High School Version 2.0, in print! This will be one of only FIFTY such editions ever printed by WLP, numbered, so this part will ONLY be while supplies last!

Art and story by Kouzou Shimokata (creator of the various Nipple Magician manga stories)! 16 PAGES!

Milkmaid: Close Encounters of the Milky Kind
Yokoshima's little sister helps out when Chef Hamachi has a wardrobe malfunction... but when Rina reveals that her "sister" isn't the only one hiding something huge between the legs, will she need help against a hungry master chef?

Art and story by Kouzou Shimokata (creator of the various Nipple Magician manga stories)! 16 PAGES!

Nipple Magician: Tea Room PRESSEN R
Beth Dorman and her best friend/enemy Chastity Anderson get kidnapped by aliens! What follows is a festival of BE and PE that we could just barely cram into one twelve-page (plus cover and frontispiece) PDF!

Art and story by Kouzou Shimokata (creator of the various Nipple Magician manga stories)! 16 PAGES!

Bootleg Presents: Dirty Dirtier Dirtiest!
The first all-digital issue of our flagship adult anthology comic, BOOTLEG returns with two stories making fun of a lovely pair of angels... getting down and dirty!

Stories by BAR-1 (artist of Peter is the Wolf) and Kouzou Shimokata (creator of the various Nipple Magician manga stories)! 34 PAGES!

101 Ways to B. E. Part One
101 Ways to B. E. is WLP's project to assemble a large anthology of BE artists each doing quick breast expansion scenes- each describing a different mechanism to cause breast growth! Clothes ripping and gargantuan mammaries are the rule of the day in this eight-page (plus cover and frontispiece) PDF!

In Part 1:

  • 13: The Handy Dandy BE Ray Gun (by Lawrence Mann)
  • 60: The Power of Positive Fanboy Thinking (by GreyOfPTA)
  • 80: They Just Went Up In Smoke (by Solomon Russell)

Once all 101 methods are commissioned and drawn, WLP will collect the whole thing in a single dead-tree bound volume! Until then, though, help support WLP's efforts by ordering this volume!

Chocolate Milkmaid: the Eruption of Mt. Yukiko
A side story from the adventures of Chocolate Milkmaid!

The Eruption of Mt. Yukiko explains why the gymnasium erupted with milk when Kayla and Derek passed by in the most recent chapter. Prof. Wanda's favorite test subjects, Yukiko and Robert, are inside testing yet another of Wanda's bizarre formulas! You can catch all the breast and penis growth in this 20 page extravaganza (written by CM creator Lawrence Mann, drawn by Magnificent Milkmaid artist Mace Paladino) in PDF format!

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This page last updated December 28, 2012.